• What are the top 5 reasons to play EOS?

    1. Massive PVE content
    2. Competitive and thrilling PVP
    3. No Healers - constant need to adapt strategy to survive
    4. Play as you want - Class Specialization, PvE, PvP
    5. All-in-one MMO
  • How many characters can I create?

    You can have 6 active characters.

  • What is the maximum level I can reach?

    The maximum level in Echo of Soul is Lv 60.

  • How many classes are there, and what are they?

    There are 5 classes in Echo of Soul SEA: Warrior, Rogue, Guardian, Archer and Sorceress.

  • Which items will be sold in the item shop for real money currency?

    Many items in the game can be obtained via quest and dungeon rewards. Other cosmetic and time-saving items are available via real-world currency. We are still working on the final set of items available in the game.

  • Who is Nvius?

    Echo of Soul was developed by Nvius, a Korean studio founded in June 2009 by the Representative Directors of Nexon Mobile and NCSoft's Lineage II team. 

    With years of experience producing acclaimed games, their goal was to unite MMORPGs and mobile games for passionate gamers. For more information, visit here